Our abilities

Industrial and Intellectual Property

Our Professionals are qualified Italian Industrial Property Consultants representing before Italian Patent and Trademark Office, Community Trademark and Design Attorneys representing before European Union Intellectual Property Office in Alicante, Spain, European Patent Attorneys representing before European Patent Office  in Munich, Germany and Technical Advisers before Italian Law Courts.
They are speakers and trainers in conferences and training courses in Industrial Property matters.
They are authors of articles relating to general aspects of Industrial Property publicated on technical magazines.

Foreign Services

Our Consultants regularly operate abroad through a widespread and proven network of Foreign Partners Industrial Property Consultants all over the world to provide Clients with necessary instruments for internationalization processes.
Our Consultants provide services to Foreign Associates that need assistance both in Italy and European Union directly representing their Clients in Industrial Property matters on a reciprocity basis.
The privileged work language is English, even if we provide translation services from/into German, French, Spanish.